The Band


John McCaffrey: Lead Vox, guitar, harmonica ;Chris Doran: Vox, Lead Guitar, Harmonica, banjo

; Frankie Bo’:Fiddle,Vox ; Micky Dee: Bass, Vox ; Pete ‘the beat’: Drums


The Band was formed in 2008 when founding members John McCaffrey and Chris Doran set off on a trip to Galway to catch an Alabama 3 gig. After a series of coincidences they ended up jamming with Larry Love and his band. The guys were then asked to join Alabama 3 on stage for later gigs on their tour. This gave Chris and John the drive to pick up their guitars and a bag of harps and begin doing what they do best.

Their quirky adaptations of modern and not so modern rock and pop classics soon became a talking point locally. After their success in the National Stars of Our Bars competition the Nooks were known throughout Ireland for their unique style and charisma.

Since this the Nooks have had a hectic schedule playing to packed houses all over Ireland and beyond. Their Residency in the small village of Carlingford has created a haven for music lovers. Their acoustic and unplugged show has been running for three years now and is as exciting and vibrant as it was when it began.

Legendary fiddler Mr. Frankie Bo’ Keatings joined The Nooks in 2011 with his impressive fiddling and third part harmony, bringing the band into an unprecedented level of ‘legendaryness’.

Renowned drummer Pete ‘the beat’ joined the Band in 2013  giving the band a different dimension, his riveting beats and hunger for gigs were just what the band needed at the time to cope with yet greater demand.

2014 saw Bass and Dance wizard Micky Dee join The Nooks. His on stage charisma and charm has proved a great hit with the punters. Micky has given the Nooks an added edge with his mind blowing bass licks and powerful harmonies.

The Nooks Famously play everything from “hillbilly to hip-hop” in their unique cajun style. The Nooks now a five piece band are guaranteed to bring a twist of hillbilly and charisma to any occasion.